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Failure is something we, as humans, do every day in some way, shape, or form. Whether its failing ourselves, failing a test, or something as simple as not waking up in the morning to go work out. Failure isn’t something any of us want to experience, but in the end failure is there to make us stronger and teach us how to get back on our feet. It took me failing at something to realize that we need to know that it’s okay to fail.

My senior year I struggled a lot trying to decide between going to college and going to cosmetology school. I wanted to go to college because I felt like it was the norm and that as a senior in high school thats where I should be going after I graduated. On the other hand, I wanted to go to cosmetology school because I felt like it was something I was good at and financial issues came into play and I knew cosmetology school was the cheaper route. I’d have a job 10 months after starting because thats how long it takes to complete. Therefore, I would be making money at 19 years old whereas my friends wouldn’t have a job for another 4 years at least. In the end, I decided to go to college because my parents and friends talked me into it. About 3 months into Northwest, I decided it wasn’t for me and without consulting anyone I made an impulse decision to leave at semester and go to cosmetology school. After about 4 months of Cosmetology school I realized that leaving Northwest was the worst mistake I had ever made. I felt like I had failed myself, my parents, and my friends who tried to talk me out of leaving. It finally hit me one day that I needed a college diploma and I wanted to do more with my education so here I am studying political science and criminal justice in hopes of attending law school when I grade from Northwest. Had I not failed in the impulse decisions I made, I never would be where I am now nor would I know that it’s okay to fail and make mistakes because God has a bigger plan for us.





I think artwork is one of the best ways people who are artistic truly express themselves. It’s fun to look at, exciting to learn about, and awesome if you are talented enough to do art yourself. Since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body I like to express myself through the tattoos I get which I think is one of the coolest art forms there is. Although quite a few people look down on tattoos, I see them as a way to show people who you really are and sometimes they can even inspire others. Whether your tattoos are hidden or on your body where everyone can see them, they tell a story about you and when people look at them they are able to read that story. For example, I have a cross tattoo and an italian word on my wrist meaning “strength.” When people see the cross, they can obviously assume that I take pride in my religion. Regardless of what others say, I firmly believe that tattoos are a creative form of art that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and inspire others. 399694535648674102_siTdIhlm_c



Confidence is key in just about everything we do in life. Whether it is playing a sport, giving a speech, or meeting new people we must have confidence to fully succeed in these things. When someone isn’t confident in themselves they don’t give anyone else a reason to be confident in them either. People can easily sense self-consciousness and that trait is a detrimental one to carry. Without confidence, success becomes a difficult goal to achieve because if you don’t believe in yourself then who will? I don’t think we realize how vital it is to have confidence in ourselves because when we don’t, subconsciously, our brain tells us we aren’t capable to do that of which we hope to accomplish. Inspiration can motivate someone in pursuing a dream that they thought they couldn’t achieve by giving them that extra step they need in order to be confident. It’s amazing how much just a few words can completely change your whole outlook of yourself for the better. Often times, we just need to be reminded of how great we truly are. When we think for a second that there’s something out there that we can’t do we are selling ourselves short without even realizing it. BE CONFIDENT!