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There is a war occurring in the Congo that most of us know nothing about. The war in Congo is considered to be a resource war. The Congo is home to abundant rich minerals that are used for much of our electronics today such as cell phones, computers, etc. For this reason, neighboring countries have been invading the Congo since 1994 killing more than 5.4 million people according to The main two groups fighting in this war today are the Congolese army and the Democratic Republic of Rwanda. The soldiers fighting in this war are preferred to be young boys rather than adults because they are easier to brainwash. Most boys never even get to go to school nor do the majority of them live past their fifth birthday. Young boys hold guns bigger than them and stand in the front lines of war, while boys that are too small too hold guns have only a whistle to blow in hopes that they will scare off the enemy. They don’t have an option of whether they get to live or die, they are forced to face death. The inhumanities occurring in the Congo are atrocious and far too complicated for any human to comprehend let alone endure. The reason I chose this topic is because my sorority, Phi Mu, orders shirts and buys whistles in order to spread the word and let people know of what’s going on since it is the only way to stop it. I feel like this is the complete definition of injustice because this is considered to be the deadliest war and we are doing nothing to stop it. Be a whistleblower for peace!


Budweiser Commercial



The Budweiser Commercial was by far the saddest commercial on during the Super Bowl. I’ve never actually seen a clydesdale in person but when I was a little kid my papa (grandfather) had a budweiser sign hanging from the ceiling in his bar. I would go in there during the day with my dad to get a pop and some chips and that’s one of the things I most remember about the bar when I was younger. The sign moved and it actually had clydesdales in it that moved around in a circle, I feel like I’ll never forget it! My papa still owns the bar but the sign must have stopped working or something because I don’t think it’s there anymore. My dad worked for Budweiser when I was younger and he used to pick me up from school in a big budweiser van! I was so embarassed that I would jump in the car and say “hurry up, go go go!” I thought people would think I was weird because my dad drove a “beer van.” The budweiser commercial was depressing but it did bring back some funny childhood memories!

Taco Bell Commercial



Of all the commercials I saw during the Super Bowl, this one was my favorite. Part of the reason it was my favorite is because I’m literally obsessed with Taco Bell but the other part of course was because the old people were having a great time in it, getting down and dirty to songs that we listen to. When I watched it, I immediately thought of my 85 year old great grandma. She might be in her 80’s but she acts like she’s in her 30’s. She walks 3 miles a day, works 5 days a week, and has a better sense in fashion that most people my age do. I could totally picture her being in that commercial. My mom and I love going on vacation with her because she’s tons of fun and we can talk to her about anything. I don’t know a whole lot of 85 year olds who get around as well as she does. We are very lucky to have her in as good of shape as she is in! I hope i’m half as great as she is when I’m her age. She’s an inspiration to the whole family!

Ram Commerical


I thought the Ram commercial was extremely powerful in itself. Mainly because I think that we, as Americans, take the people who do farm for granted. When we go to the grocery store to buy fresh produce we don’t think about how the produce got there in the first place. Farmers are extremely important and they do a lot of hardwork. Most farmers were raised by farmers who were raised by farmers and so on and so forth. They were taught by their parents/grandparents how to work just as hard as they did. I think the commercial was trying to get us to realize that especially since parts of the United States are such large farming industries. My favorite part of the commercial is at the beginning when the man speaking says God needed a caretaker for the land so he created a farmer because I think it just reiterateshow important farmers really are. It gives us a great idea of everything a farmer does in just one day and what they have to deal with.


Into the Wild


Into the Wild, pg. 132:
“I just don’t understand why he had to take those kind of chances,” Billie protests through her tears. “I just don’t understand it at all.”

As hard as it is for Billie to understand why Alex ventured off into the wilderness unprepared, it’s apparent in the book that he loved to taking chances. Taking chances is so incredibly important because if you don’t take them one day you will reminisce on your life and have regrets. And as we all know, no on likes regretting things. I think that’s the reason Alex chose to take so many life threatening chances. Had he not done it, with his personality, I feel like he would have later regretted not exploring the way he did even though it ended up taking his life.

There is a whole list of things I want to do when I graduate college. One of them being to work on a cruise ship for a year before going to law school. I feel like that’s a chance I want to take because I love travelling, especially by cruise ship. I feel like it would be an incredible experience and if I don’t do it I think I would definitely look back and wish I had!




Preparedness: a state of readiness

Currently I am helping my cousin prepare for her wedding because she chose me to be one of her bridesmaids. There’s quite a lot to do in order to prepare for a wedding especially in a short period of time. She was proposed to on Christmas Eve and the wedding is in July so therefore that only gives us 6 months to get ready for it! So far we’ve gotten the flowers and bridesmaids dresses taken care of as well as the location of the actual wedding along with the location of the reception. As stressful of a process as it is, so far it has gone pretty smoothly. Whenever Melissa (my cousin), is stressing about it she calls me and try as best I can to boost her spirits. While we went looking for dresses we thought it was going to be way more difficult when it was. The first store we went to is where we bought our dresses. She made it super easy on us and asked which style we liked best and thats the one we got to pick to wear! So far we are pretty well prepared but we will see how it is when that weekend comes!




Ambition: the determination to succeed

Ambition is an important quality to have. Without it, it’s extremely hard to be motivated to accomplish any of your goals. Luckily, I feel as if I was blessed with a large amount of ambition. I’ve always recognized that in order to well for myself and my family in the future I have to be successful. Although it is sometimes challenging to be ambitious, I think everyone is capable of having this quality. In order to be ambitious its important to constantly push yourself and do things that scare you/things you would usually never do. For example, it scares me every day that my major is political science and minor is criminal justice yet there’s a chance I may not get into law school when I graduate. It’s my ambition that drives me to work hard in my classes daily so that I am able to, one day hopefully, fulfill my dreams. When i’m looking at the inspiration portion of pinterest (which I do daily) I am constantly reminded that we live one life and it’s so important to wake up every single day and love what you do. If you go to work hating your job you will never be happy which is also why i’m determined to work hard in order to get what I want out of life and give back what it has given me.