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My Biography Subject–Cousin Melissa


The person I chose to write my biography on is my cousin Melissa. The reason I chose to do so is because she has impacted my life in ways that no one will ever understand. The story I’m writing about her has to do with her struggle with a drug and alcohol addiction. She was able to overcome a lot of obstacles that people involved with those kinds of things usually can’t get away from. She is the sweetest, most kind hearted, generous person I know which is why I look up to her so much. She would go out of her way and bend over backwards for anyone before doing anything to benefit herself. She truly exemplifies selflessness in every aspect of her life. She has been clean from everything for a little over 3 years and is now engaged to be married to the love of her life. God plays an important role in Melissa’s life because without him she never would have been able to do it. She loves to the fullest and he comes first. Melissa moved me into college last year and left me with the best advice I’ve ever gotten. She is one of my best friends in the entire world and she is my role model.

“Don’t forget the 3 C’s—choices, chances, and change—we have to make a choice to take a chance or our lives will never change”






Classic movies are my favorite to watch. Of all the great ones though, I would have to say the Lion King is my absolute favorite. My dad and I used to put Lion King on repeat when I was little and we would watch it over and over again. As a little girl, I can remember loving to watch it but always crying when Mufasa dies as well as having a strong dislike for scar! I think Lion King is one of the most inspirational disney movies. I feel like even though it can be hard to understand when you’re younger it sends out a great message. Simba struggles with lots of negativity after his father dies (which is completely normal) but it’s inspiring when he meets timon and pumba because they are a great example of positivity and the movie brightens up after Simba’s encounter with the two of them. It also reminds you that even when you lose someone close to you they continue to watch over you and give you the advice you need when you’re really struggling! My favorite quote from the movie is obviously “Hakuna Matata” because it’s very inspirational!




I feel like privacy is something we take for granted on a daily basis. I had friends in high school whose parents used to constantly go through their phone and read their text messages to see if they were talking about drinking and what not. I feel like that is so wrong because I dont think parents would want their kids reading their text messages!
I think privacy is something everyone is entitled to especially once they reach a certain age. My parents’ theory has always been that they trust I will make the right decisions and until I do something to lose that trust they’ll let me have my privacy. I feel like thats a good strategy because my friends that have parents who don’t trust them or that try and go through other people or invade their privacy to get information, usually end up resenting their parents. Therefore, I would never want that. I feel like I have an incredible relationship with my parents because they have always trusted me and given me my space!