Classic movies are my favorite to watch. Of all the great ones though, I would have to say the Lion King is my absolute favorite. My dad and I used to put Lion King on repeat when I was little and we would watch it over and over again. As a little girl, I can remember loving to watch it but always crying when Mufasa dies as well as having a strong dislike for scar! I think Lion King is one of the most inspirational disney movies. I feel like even though it can be hard to understand when you’re younger it sends out a great message. Simba struggles with lots of negativity after his father dies (which is completely normal) but it’s inspiring when he meets timon and pumba because they are a great example of positivity and the movie brightens up after Simba’s encounter with the two of them. It also reminds you that even when you lose someone close to you they continue to watch over you and give you the advice you need when you’re really struggling! My favorite quote from the movie is obviously “Hakuna Matata” because it’s very inspirational!


About Daily Inspiration

My name is Alexandra Mortallaro but most people call me Alex. I'm from Kansas City, Missouri and I have the greatest family on earth. I'm a sophomore at the University of Northwest Missouri State University. The only organization I'm involved in currently is Phi Mu and I have absolutely loved every minute of it since I joined! My major is Political Science and my minor is Criminal Justice. I'm a firm believer in following your dreams and doing whatever you put your mind to. One of my dreams after finishing my undergrad is to score outrageously high on the LSAT and get accepted into a great law school somewhere in Los Angeles. After that my dreams are infinte and you'd laugh at me if you heard them! In my spare time, when i'm not hanging out with friends or family, you can usually find me on pinterest or twitter. My favorite topic to search on Pinterest is quotes because it can be extremely uplifting at times when you need it most which is why I chose to write my blog on Inspiration. I truly deem inspirational quotes one of the best ways to get yourself out of a "funk" and back into doing what you love. If I can make at least one person's day by doing something so simple as posting something inspirational then hey I must be doing something right!

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  1. I love Disney movies too! I like how you put thought into the meaning behind the Lion King, and how you related it to a real world experience. Do you have any other favorite Disney Movies?

  2. I believe that this really is a very inspirational movie and a classic. It really teaches you that no matter what you can keep a positive attitude. This was a movie that I used to watch with my uncle all the time, he loved pumba whenever we watched we sang hakuna matata as loud as we could. Now everyday I think of hakuna matata as a way to keep me going when it gets tough, especially when I think of him.

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