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Healing can be a sad thing if something has happened to you but it can also be a funny thing.. Like this kid after he went to the dentist…

If this doesn’t make you laugh then I don’t know what will. Happy Hump Day Y’alll!!!!!




An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.

This is the perfect blog post for finals week. In order to stay sane you HAVE to take a break from your studies at some point. I tried studying for 11 hours straight and none of my studying seemed to be beneficial because my brain was fried! Therefore, the next couple days I tried to go about it a different way. I decided to study and then lay outside and get my tan on for my break by Mozingo! It was so refreshing and then I went back to studying with a clear head and fresh mindset. It is okay to be hard on yourself during finals week (because I am) but you MUST give yourself a break otherwise you will go crazy!! Take time for yourself during finals week even if you think you might not time… you should make time. It’s good for ya! Live a little 🙂





There is nothing more than aggravates me more than finals week because we work so hard to get A’s in classes when the final can drop us down to a B… Therefore I thought you could all use some inspiration from Steve Jobs in order to succeed… do your best and you will succeed!!