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Healing can be a sad thing if something has happened to you but it can also be a funny thing.. Like this kid after he went to the dentist…

If this doesn’t make you laugh then I don’t know what will. Happy Hump Day Y’alll!!!!!




An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.

This is the perfect blog post for finals week. In order to stay sane you HAVE to take a break from your studies at some point. I tried studying for 11 hours straight and none of my studying seemed to be beneficial because my brain was fried! Therefore, the next couple days I tried to go about it a different way. I decided to study and then lay outside and get my tan on for my break by Mozingo! It was so refreshing and then I went back to studying with a clear head and fresh mindset. It is okay to be hard on yourself during finals week (because I am) but you MUST give yourself a break otherwise you will go crazy!! Take time for yourself during finals week even if you think you might not time… you should make time. It’s good for ya! Live a little 🙂





There is nothing more than aggravates me more than finals week because we work so hard to get A’s in classes when the final can drop us down to a B… Therefore I thought you could all use some inspiration from Steve Jobs in order to succeed… do your best and you will succeed!!




Most of us know Dr. Seuss because he was famous for writing children’s books and his clever sayings. He was a pretty inspirational guy. I did an art extra credit presentation on him because I think he is fascinating and you’ll find out why! His real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel. He was a cartoonist, writer, and poet. Originally he went to school to be a teacher because he had no idea what else he wanted to do. His doodlings caught the eye of a fellow student and she told him that he should draw for a living so that is just what he did. This lady later became his wife. The reason that I find Dr. Seuss to be such an incredibly human being is because the man can basically do it all. Most people don’t know that during WWII he drew political cartoons that he took a lot of criticism for. Since he was too old to join the draft, he wanted to have some sort of effect on the war so he drew political cartoons to get people involved and to satirize the people that the US was at war with. So not only was he a children’s cartoonist and author or an inspirational character, but he also drew political cartoons. With me being a history nerd, I find it pretty cool!





Every day I wake up I try and do something that challenges me. I feel like you cannot live life to the fullest by “playing it safe” you have to go after everything you want and if something is not difficult than you probably aren’t challenging yourself. We can only truly succeed when we go after what we want and struggle a little bit to get there. But in the end we have to know that the struggle was worth it.


This is my all-time favorite quote that perfectly illustrates what I said before. Challenging yourself is doing things that you normally wouldn’t, that a lot of people do not have the courage to do. And those people are the ones who say that your dreams are too big or that they’re unrealistic. That’s why you have to stay away from them.. just like the quote says, they are creatures of the commonplace. Don’t be one of those!



I think there are a lot of people who work in professions that are underappreciated. This can range anywhere from police officers to teachers, nurses to doctors, etc. Much like my last post about people who are in the service, we tend to recognize all the wonderful things they do for us. One profession that I experienced first hand that is pretty underappreciated is hair stylists. Before I went to hair school, for some reason I thought hair stylists had it easy. I thought their job was easy and fun and definitely could not have been a whole lot of work. After going to hair school I realized I was so wrong. They stand on their feet all day long and spend their time trying to please EVERYONE. They deal with rude people on the daily yet they cannot turn them away and have to make them happy anyways. I have the upmost respect for my hair stylist because I know what all they do. Not to mention they have to go through a ton of schooling before they are even able to start working on people’s hair and the schooling is actually quite difficult. They have to relearn chemistry, anatomy, and everything you could know imaginable in order to mix color and work on people in the proper way. Next time you go get your hair done, be sure to tell your stylist how much you appreciate her hard work! 🙂




When thinking about the word “service” what comes to mind is a certain group of people and those are the ones who fight for our country. I think that a lot of us take all that they do for our country, for granted. They have to miss out on holidays, miss the birth of their child, and fight every single day. They risk their lives and know that they may not be able to see their family again. Soldiers should be an inspiration to all of us because not everyone has the bravery and capability of waking up every day knowing that they may not make it out alive. We should try, as Americans, to think about them and keep them in our hearts more than we tend to do so.